Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Love local farms?  Love fresh and flavorful food?  A CSA program may be for you!  
We grow it here. We harvest it here. We feed our community. 

How does it work?
The farmer and CSA member enter into a mutually beneficial agreement.  The member purchases a 'share' of the farm up front before the growing season begins. The farmer promises to grow the best product possible given any constraints that mother earth introduces that season; excessive rain, drought, insect infestations, disease pressures etc.  Once the harvest begins, the member picks up their 'share' of the harvest once per week - the most fresh and flavorful organic produce available at that time of year.  As the season changes, so will the offerings each week, thus providing members with the opportunity to understand and appreciate seasonal eating. By bringing together neighbors, friends, and those who love good fresh food, CSA programs provide a wonderful sense of community among like-minded people. Visiting the farm, enjoying the view, talking with the farmer, engaging your children in selecting their own produce - it all adds to the experience that a CSA membership provides. In becoming part of a small local farm you are investing a small business, our rural character, productive and healthy working landscapes, and in our case, a new generation of farmers.
2022 CSA share options

Summer Farm Share - 13 weeks (June, July & Aug)

full share: $640

half share: $425 

start date: week of June 6

end date: week of August 29                       

Fall Farm Share - 8 weeks (Sept & Oct)

full share: $400 

half share: $275

student share: $225

start date: week of September 5

end date: week of October 24

(student shares requires copy of current student ID)

any changes to start/end dates will be made in advance to members



CSA members will pick up their farmshare once per week.


Pick-Up Locations:

On-Farm: 448 Jonathan Trumbull Hwy (Rt. 87)

Columbia, CT 06237



Labyrinth Brewing Company                               

148 Forest Rd.

Manchester, CT

 *Only half-shares available for pickup at Labyrinth 

Pick-Up Times:

On Farm:          Wednesdays 3-6pm  


                           Saturdays 9am-12pm

Manchester:     Thursdays 5-7pm

On-farm distribution will feature bulk bins of vegetables, from which you choose the best looking item to you (or your kids!). All produce is harvested fresh daily, washed, and kept refrigerated until you pick it up.  It is guaranteed to keep longer in your fridge than any other produce you purchase so long as you follow the storage needs of the crop. Remote (off-farm) distribution at Labyrinth Brewing will feature pre-assembled half shares for members. 


Several crops are available to members only as pick-your-own opportunities, a bonus on top of the vegetables we harvest for you. These crops include: cherry tomatoes, tomatillos, ground cherries, perennial and annual herbs, green beans, and a wide selection of cut flowers. Consult the produce availability list for details on what to expect. If you do not pick up your share at the farm, you are welcome to still come for PYO crops Tues-Sat 8am-6pm 

Members that pick up their share off-site are welcome to come to the farm for PYO items, but recognize that this may only happen occasionally or not at all. The cost of delivery to bring the farm to you is included in your share price.



Share size

Exact share size varies throughout the season, depending on when different vegetables are ready for harvest. On-farm members should bring reusable cloth bags with them to distribution each week.  


Full share: Each week full share members should expect to fill 1 bag with fresh organic produce, including PYO crops, depending on the time of year. The share size should be suitable for a family of four or more who cook most of their meals at home. This is a large-sized share and will require skill in managing!

Half share: Each week those with a half share should expect to fill up to 1/2 bag, including PYO crops.  The share size should be suitable for a couple, a small family that occasionally eats out, or a vegetable-loving single. Only half shares will be available for pick-up at our remote location.


Student share: Offered only in the fall at the farm, a selection of seasonal organic vegetables in a smaller size, (generally a choice of 4 items at the half share volume) is perfect for those who live off-campus or are interested in trying local produce. A smaller share size comes at an affordable price for students. Find out more details here.

What's in your share: For on-farm pickup, a chalkboard in the barn will describe what is in the share that week. You will choose from bulk bins of different crops to pick out your particular item (ex: 1 cucumber, 2 peppers etc.) At Labyrinth, your share will be pre-assembled for you in a bag that is easy to carry home. Our goal is to send you home with 5-8 different items each week. Hopefully over the course of the week, you'll be eating these vegetables so that by the following week you'll be ready for more.

COVID-19: Please be mindful of other CSA members. If you are not vaccinated you must wear a mask at all times, even in the PYO areas. If you are vaccinated, you may choose whether to wear a mask or not. Our safety, as well as yours, is paramount. We continually evaluate risk (farmers do this constantly) and base our response on science and state recommendations. 

Become a member

Become a part of the community! 


Memberships are accepted on a first-come first-served basis until the CSA is full.

Purchase your CSA share in our online store. Preferred method for payment is via an invoice which allows for a direct ACH withdrawal from your chosen account.

*Due to rough terrain in the field, PYO areas are not suitable for those with difficulty walking or bending.

What to do I do if I am going away for a week or two? First, don't worry! We are flexible!

You can choose to:

a. double up on your share before you leave

b. double up when you get back

c. send someone else to pick up your share (friend, family, house-sitter etc.)

d. not pick up at all and it gets donated to the Covenant Soup Kitchen in Willimantic. 



Call Susan at 860-373-6324 or send her an email at


sample share - half size, August, when harvest is large

and you eat and grill outside a lot! Early summer is far

smaller with mostly leafy greens and salad type crops.

new sign.jpg

sample share - July