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Our partners

We proudly partner with other small businesses that produce items to compliment our offerings.

Ramble Creek Farm_logo.jpg

Our property grew in 2022 with the addition of Ramble Creek Farm. Josh Carnes met Susan Mitchell in a love story for the Covid ages and moved his livestock and mushroom business to Columbia so they could farm and live together. Ramble Creek raises a small herd of Angus/Hereford beef cattle, Berkshire/Tamworth pigs, thousands of broiler chickens and turkeys for Thanksgiving plus culinary mushrooms. All animals are raised outdoors on pasture or in the forest, given food scraps (where appropriate), and fed a non-GMO grain produced in Connecticut. Products are sold at the farm and in NYC on Fridays at the Unions Square and 97th Street Greenmarkets.

Logo 2009_final_flat2.jpg

Full Bloom Apiaries, based in Franklin, CT keeps a lot of beehives at the farm, thus insuring proper pollination for all of our vegetables. You'll find different plants in our crop field in flower at differnt times, thus providing a great source of nectar for the bees for many months. Owner Alan Holmberg sells his honey wholesale to many grocery stores in eastern Connecticut and also sells queens and bees if you're interested in starting your own hives. 

urban lodge.webp

Our Manchester pickup location for 2023.  Urban Lodge, located just behind historic Main Street, Manchester, has an exceptional indoor and outdoor space. The owners shares our love of nature and the outdoors.

Each season we offer our members the option of purchasing a bulk quantity of locally-grown beef, raised by Jonathan Eddy at New Boston Beef. Jon is young second-generation farmer. Located in the Fabyan section of Thompson, he raises Simmental cattle outside on pasture during the warmer months and throughout the winter on hay that he cuts himself. These animals are grass-fed and grass-finished, meaning they do not eat any grain (corn). 

Members are given the option of purchasing a bulk quantity of beef once during the summer and once during the fall. Price and quantity of meat will be determined by the number of members splitting an animal.

Thanks to Labyrinth Brewing Company for serving as our Manchester pickup location for many years. They continue to expand and grow -what a great small local business!

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