Our partners

We proudly partner with other small businesses that produce items to compliment our offerings.


Ramble Creek Farm raises chicken and beef cows out on pasture and pigs in shady woodlot paddocks, environments suitable for the health and welfare of the animals and the farmland. First-generation farmer Josh Carnes is a full-time farmer, selling the majority of his product in the New York City Greenmarkets, so we are lucky to be able to provide his chicken to our members as another option for locally-sourced protein. 

A wide variety of cuts are available, in addition to whole and half birds, frozen and vacuum sealed. Purchase online at Ramble Creek Farm for pickup at any of our CSA locations: on farm, Labyrinth Brewing or Thompson's Store.


Labyrinth Brewing Company serves as hosts for our Manchester CSA pickup location. The three friends who grew up together in Manchester, joined forces to open this amazng space in August of 2018. What started as a "cold call" email to ask if they would be interested in serving as a CSA location has turned into a wonderful partnership and friendship. 

Adam Delaura, Sean Gaura, and Chris Wallum created a fantastic hand-hewn space in the old Cheney Mill Complex, located one block off Main Street. This historic structure provides a real sense of place  - there is no other place like it! Well connected to the community, Labyrinth has created a hub for friendship, learning, expression, giving and family. We are very proud to call them our home away from home. 

148 Forest St.  Manchester, CT 06040


One of our newest partner is the oldest, with history of the building and business going back to the late 1800's. G.M. Thompson & Sons is family-run business that still serves the local community with animal feed, all manner of farming supplies, pet and garden products, plus a deli. They deliver feed and farm supplies throughout Connecticut. 

It looks like you've either stepped back into time or into Vermont when you pull up to the store and we love it that way! 

We are so happy to have found a new site for CSA pickup for residents of Storrs, Mansfield, Coventry, Willington and Ashford.

54 Middle Turnpike (Rt. 44)

Mansfield Depot, CT 06251

Each season we offer our members the option of purchasing locally-grown beef, raised by Jonathan Eddy at New Boston Beef. Jonathan is a young second-generation farmer. Located in the Fabyan section of Thompson, he raises Simmental cattle outside on pasture during the warmer months and throughout the winter on hay that he cuts himself. These animals are considered grass-fed and grass-finished, meaning they do not eat any grain (corn). Cattle are ruminants and evolved to eat grass. Jonathan maintains his herd on this natural diet, which results in exceptionally high-quality meat.

Members are given the option of purchasing a bulk quantity of beef once during the summer and once during the fall. Price and quantity of meat will be determined by the number of members splitting an animal.

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Full Bloom Apiaries, in Franklin, CT keeps lots of beehives at the farm, thus insuring proper pollination for all of our vegetables. We provide a great source of nectar for the bees with a wide variety of flowers to choose from. Alan Holmberg, owner of Full Bloom, sells his honey wholesale to many grocery stores in eastern Connecticut and also sells queens and bees if you're interested in starting your own hives.