Pick Your Own

Several crops are available to CSA members as pick-your-own (PYO). These items include a wide variety of herbs, green beans, cherry tomatoes, ground (husk) cherries, tomatillos, and cut flowers. We will open each crop for picking as it comes ready to harvest.

The crop field is open for PYO:       Tuesdays 8 - 5

                                                             Wednesdays 8-6

                                                             Thursdays 8 - 5

                                                             Fridays 8 - 5

                                                             Saturdays 8 - 5

The field is closed on other days. The field is closed for thunder, rain, and often after a heavy rain event too.

Interested in learning more about how to pick herbs? Click on any of the videos below. If you click on the small music note in the lower right hand corner of the video, you will turn the volume on. 

Dill & Cilantro