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Connecting Farmers

There are many great organizations to join that support local farmers and work to improve our regional food system. There is a special place in my heart for the following two groups:

The New Connecticut Farmer Alliance

The New Connecticut Farmer Alliance (NCTFA) was founded in 2010 by a small group of new farmers looking to help create a greater sense of community among the next generation of farmers. Most the member farmers fall into one of several categories, if not many:

 1. new

 2. young

 3. beginning (USDA defines a beginning farmer as someone who has farmed for 10 years or less)

 4. first-generation

 5. direct-to-market

 6. small-scale

 7. diversified

 8. organic or sustainable production (certified or non-certified)


Susan is a founding member of NCTFA, which works with farmers to create networking opportunities, social events, and cooperative experiences for farmers across Connecticut.  We maintain a robust listserve, Facebook page and Instagram account to share our experiences, ask each other questions, and lament on common challenges.  


Are you a farmer in Connecticut and want to join?  Head to


National Young Farmers Coalition

Are you a new, young, or beginning farmer who is interested in joining a nationwide organization dedicted to serving farmers like you?


Are you a consumer who loves buying from your local small family farms?


Join the National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC) and a wonderful group of organizers, farmers, and friends who work to support new farmers (of any age) and encourage the growth of "new" agricultural ventures across the country through policy work on Capital Hill and community organizing on the ground.  NCTFA is a proud chapter of NYFC.

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