Cloverleigh Cupboard (aka online store)

CSA shares can now be purchased online!  

For a given share, after you click on the item you will be given a choice to pay in full or pay a deposit.

If you would like to save a little money and pay by check, then go back to the main page and click on JOIN CSA. Regardless of how you pay for a share, all members will be asked to fill out the 2021 membership form.

Once the CSA season begins, members wishing to add on items to their weekly share can choose options from our store. Cloverleigh Farm only sells items that we produce ourselves or that come from other farmer friends of ours. The producer is ALWAYS identified and heralded for the hard work they do! 

Please note there is NO SHIPPING. Items are for sale to CSA members only and can be picked up with your CSA share.