A day set aside each year to give thanks for our friends & family and celebrate the bounty of the earth and all that mother nature provides for us in so many ways. What better way to honor this day than with fresh vegetables grown with care & attention right here on the farm in Mansfield? 

Our annual Thanksgiving Pop-Up market will take place the Sunday before Thanksgiving from noon to 4 pm. The CSA distribution room will be turned into a mini marketplace where you can pick up the seasonal vegetables you might need for your family table.

This will be the time to pick up your turkey. The opportunity to pre-order a pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkey for your table will be made available to all CSA members. Turkeys are raised in East Greenwich, RI at Pat's Pastured, a multi-species livestock farm operated by a first-generation farmer. These flocks live outside on the pasture with their livestock guardian dogs which permits them to eat grasses and insects plus receive supplemental feed that include non-GMO grains. Very few farmers go to the effort of feeding non-GMO grain to their livestock and this is a practice that we want to support for the health of our planet. Pat and crew do a wonderful job. Pre-order a turkey with us and the star of your family meal will be available for pick up at the Thanksgiving farm shop.