About Cloverleigh Farm

Cloverleigh (klo-ver-LEE) Farm is a small diverse vegetable business that grows incredibly fresh and flavorful produce for our community in eastern Connecticut.  We are certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers. 
In late 2020, Cloverleigh Farm moved to a permanent location - our own slice of Connecticut farming history on a beautiful property in Columbia, CT. While local historical accounts show that white Europeans have been farming this property since 1812, this land was home for thousands of years to the Mohegan Tribe and their ancestors. The Mohegans lived in much of eastern Connecticut and maintain a significant presence in Uncasville, CT.
With a focus on a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, the farm aims to connect people to a place; a place where you can talk to your farmer, a place where you can see a small farm operation in person, a place where only fresh and flavorful produce is available, a place where you can meet your neighbors, a place you can feel comfortable bringing your children, a place where there is history, and a place where a small business continues to grow through the support of the community.


sungold cherry tomatoes

ground cherries

ground cherries

flower bouquets are part of the CSA share

early summer basil - always a favorite

winterbor kale

brilliant mustard greens

white cauliflower

Cloverleigh Farm is CERTIFIED ORGANIC through Baystate Organic Certifiers and is the only certified organic farm in Columbia.
We have also signed the CT NOFA Farmer's Pledge, which indicates our commitment to farming, marketing and land stewardship in accordance with sound ecological and economic principles. You can find our listing the CT NOFA Food and Farming Guide.

A beautiful video shot in the summer of 2020 illustrates the work that American Farmland Trust is doing in New England to support the next generation of farmers.


Cloverleigh Farm is featured as a grant recipient 

Susan Mitchell began farming in New York's Hudson Valley, a hot spot for the sustainable food movement, before moving to Connecticut in 2010. After managing farms for non-profits and private individuals, she began Cloverleigh Farm in 2014.  She is a founding member of the New Connecticut Farmer Alliance, a National Young Farmers Coalition memberCT NOFA member, and Connecticut Farm Bureau Association member.

Read more about the story of Cloverleigh Farm and farmland access in this Nov. 30, 2015 
Hartford Courant article.

Thank you Patrick Raycraft and the Hartford Courant for permission to use video footage.